The Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council

The Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council (NAIPEC) supports invention and innovation in the Native American community by providing quantitative patenting, copyright, and trademark assistance. By helping individual inventors or tribal communities bring new concepts to market, NAIPEC is at the intersection of industry and academia, facilitating opportunity and helping create new knowledge-based enterprises.

You can support us with your funding or time and talent, or help us reach out to the vast pool of Native Intelligence and the people who can help us support them.

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NAIPEC Success Stories

Brad Rousseau (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) is a small businessman and inventor. NAIPEC helped Brad protect his invention for a portable safety device Easy Lifter.Brad was recently featured in the USPTO’s newsletter, Inventors Eye (read more >>) brad

An Introduction to Native Innovation

Long before the first European’s discovery expedition washed ashore, some of the greatest civilizations in the world thrived in the Americas.  Complete with major population centers; technologically advanced cultures that often radically engineered the landscape across the continent, to the point that even “timeless” natural features like the Amazon rainforest can be seen as products of human intervention, these civilizations ultimately fell foul of European expansion and the disease and cultures that came with it.

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