Our Key Management Team


Ojibwa from the Fond Du Lac Tribe
Inventor. Founder and Chair, NAIPEC

Thomas David Petite is a registered member of the Fond Du Lac Tribe, and he is the son of a Chippewa Chief from Wisconsin. He continues to extol and embrace his treasured family heritage through his work as the founder of the Native American Inventors Association and as a newly selected member of the Professional Awards Selection Committee of the American Indian Science Engineering Society.

As a young boy David and his father, a sonar engineer, would work on radios by taking them apart and putting them back together. This is how his love of technology developed into a career as an inventor in wireless communications.

Today, David is respectfully noted as the key inventor of wireless ad hoc networks, and as the creator of the Essential Wireless Mesh™ (EWM™) Patent Portfolio. The technology he has constructed is being used throughout many industries, including the development of the widely used smart grid revolution. David is a highly recognized inventor in the worldwide energy and communications community with over 40 U.S. issued patents to his name. David has harnessed his talents as an inventor and entrepreneur into several highly successful business ventures. David and his wife Candida reside in Atlanta, Georgia where they manage and operate their company SIPCO, LLC which provides application based wireless technology and design.

T David Petite’s invention of smart cloud technology in the 1990s came through his early desire to extend wireless networks for people to use as a tool to control their environments. His inventions covered the architecture of networks and communications, as well as applications of specific technology. Creating a number of ongoing business opportunities he is involved in or has sold. His technology effectively created a way to extend the internet to millions of remote actuators or sensors. These sensors or actuators could be applied across many industries and could be devices such as electric meters, cargo container locks, thermometers, pressure sensors, amongst many.

Today Mr. Petite’s greatest recognized accomplishments surround his inventions in the Smart Grid arena. Mr. Petite’s technology is also being currently used in soil management, home appliances (such as washers and dryers), industrial plant monitoring, building automation, and medical asset management. As his inventions are architecturally based rather than application specific, Mr. Petite’s network design can be applied to many industries.

A large number of companies such as General Electric, Itron, license and uses his patented technology. He was recently honored by the Georgia State Senate in a resolution introduced by Chairman of the Economic Development Committee Senator Chip Pearson. Mr. Petite was recognized for “his innovations in wireless technology and his incredible career”.


Executive Director

Kim has Marketing, Communications, Brand Development and Business Management experience that spans over 25 years. Working in Europe and North America she has directed projects for major organizations on national and global scales. Most recently, she was a consultant helping small and medium sized organizations maximize their investment in sustainable marketing, and was the CEO and Marketing Development Director for the estate of a world famous artist. She has also been responsible for managing one of the country’s most recognized energy efficiency brands and the complex set of relationships with partners and clients who implement programs under its name.

Kim has been involved in community and social causes for over twenty five years, and as a child of a political family, has had an interest in public service for most of her life. She has held board positions with not-for-profit and public benefit organizations, and was a 2001 recipient of the City of Atlanta’s Phoenix Award for outstanding civic service. In Great Britain she was involved in the foundation of the Marketing and Strategic Policy Group for the British Labour Party, and worked on election campaigns in the 1980’s. During that time she was Chair of her local parliamentary constituency party, a city-wide representative and a national union representative for the British Actors Equity Association.