How We Work


Bringing Ideas to Market

We primarily work with tribal organizations, leaders and innovators, NAIPEC provides interdisciplinary information and guidance on patenting resources coupled with operational business development support.

NAIPEC provides services and business tools to ease the creation and facilitation of knowledge-based business. We provide services and business tools with three different goals.

  • To help Native Americans and Tribal Communities create knowledge-based business
  • To help develop capabilities for the creation of knowledge-based business
  • To help build platforms and interfaces facilitating the creation of knowledge-based business

We help our members by empowering them with governed knowledge for technology in different transactions stages, including:

  • Commercialization
    • Technology
    • Patent and brand licensing
  • Development
    • Partnerships
    • Open innovation
    • Joint-ventures
    • Technology licensing

Additional Support With United States Patent And Trademark Offices

NAIPEC is engaged with a number of experienced and reputable patent attorneys on an added-assistance program, providing free insight to inventors on an individual basis

NAIPEC Expanded Support Roles

NAIPEC provides a solid experienced professional network for Native American inventors providing valuable resources to aid in creating distribution channels for market analysis and research assistance.

NAIPEC also gives Native American inventors the opportunity to work with various tribal reservations in hub zones creating jobs for Native Americans.

If you an inventor, Tribal Government or Business, please read our Operating Guidelines that describe how we work with different parties.