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NAIPEC focuses exclusively on supporting the Native American inventor and community. If you are:

  • A Native American tribal member with proof of tribal affiliation
  • A Student or Independent Inventor
  • A Native American College or University. or
  • A Minority Business enterprises doing business with Native Americans

also asks that you agree to a tribal support agreement where any success achieved is shared by the inventor and with the tribe to whom they are affiliated.

NAIPEC also has a review board that evaluates all idea’s or conceptual disclosures. The review board focuses on characterizing each concept against categorization into a specific fields of service application (listed below). Each idea submittal then goes through a detailed screening process.

Service Applications

  • Green Energy
  • Agricultural
  • Health Medical
  • Life improvement
  • Communication Sciences
  • Transportation Sciences
  • Ocean Research
  • Wild Life
  • Recycling
  • Earth Science

Join Us Now – Membership Overview >>