The work of NAIPEC is entirely dependent on the generosity and support of its funding contributors and its network of resource providers.

Funding Contributors

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NAIPEC welcomes your monetary contributions and encourages you to support us in whatever amount you can. It is through your contributions that we can continue and build the work of NAIPEC.

In addition to individual funding opportunities we also welcome institutional and corporate underwriting, sustaining contributions on an annual basis, Planned or Deferred Gifts through trusts or wills and contributions in kind . For more information please contact us.

Your Contribution

As President Obama says “Today more than any time in history, our modern world is in critical need for true innovation; Innovation that acts as a beacon for economic and global salvation”. As citizens of the world the intellectual creativity of Native Americans is more valuable now than ever, and it’s not for individual of tribes but for the tribe of mankind and the wellbeing of our mother planet, and NAIPEC works hard to bring that knowledge and creativity forward.

With your donation you can help us secure, and protect the knowledge for our future economic engine that will help drive our Nation and our culture forward, creating new opportunities, while fostering future jobs for our people.

NAIPEC Lapel PinIndividual Donations can be made and are very much appreciated. In return NAIPEC will send you a gift of our new lapel pin as a token of our deep appreciation for your help.


$25.00 Donation (Smart Cloud) Contributor

$50.00 Donation (Red Leaf) Contributor

$100.00 Donation (Big Dreamer) Contributor

$500.00 Donation (Great Star) Contributor

$1,000.00 Donation (Grow With Spirit) Contributor

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Most all the denotations go toward paying legal and administrative support cost for filing patents for Native American Inventors.

It provides them with the tools needed to protect and nurture their ideas and help bring them into business product and services mainstream. Your help is very much appreciated and is fully tax deductible.

$15,000 Level – In-Spirit Supporter – contributor participants are provided a quarterly report on the new technology filings to be made public, and offered pre-selection on any pre-development for licensing patent applied for technologies and or service goods.

$25,000 Level – Arrow Head Supporter – contributor participants obtains weekly updates on new technology patent applications to be made public, that is pre-aligns with contributor product goods and services. Advocating a first option choice on obtaining licensing rights while developing pre-production.

$100,000 Level – Tomahawk Supporter – contributor participants has first introduction of obtaining certain exclusive limited field of use in regards to first introduction with inventor that is negotiated and approved by inventor.

$500,000 Level – Big Sky Supporter – contributor has right to first shop any patents that are in play by NAIPEC inventor to be sold.

Resource Providers

The NAIPEC network of attorneys, patent experts and other IP professionals is supported by the lifeblood of awareness of our mission and work. If you are a professional dealing with patent, trademark, copyright or other IP issues and can contribute your time and talent to the work of the NAIPEC, please contact us.

If you are a PR professional, a blogger, website publisher or simply able to help us get the message of NAIPEC to a wider audience please consider distributing content about us. You can contact us to get involved. We are also developing a network of link exchanges.

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