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The Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council (NAIPEC) supports invention and innovation in the Native American community by providing quantitative patenting, copyright, and trademark assistance. By helping individual inventors or tribal communities bring new concepts to market, NAIPEC is at the intersection of industry and academia, facilitating opportunity and helping create new knowledge-based enterprises.

Our mission is to help breathe life into new ideas in the Native American community and to grow and cultivate invention, innovation and creativity to help support and sustain a new economic infrastructure.

Just published, our Strategy Paper on Intellectual Property Value Creation
and Economic Development.

Outlining the strategy for Native Tribes and Tribal businesses to leverage Intellectual Property as an engine for value creation and economic development, this paper outlines.  Learn more >>


HARMONY | White Paper on Native American IPView and Download our
White Paper | HARMONY
The Native American IP Project


Founded by renowned, successful Native American Inventor T. David Petite, NAIPEC brings together some of the brightest minds in the world, to provide leadership in the fields of educating, capturing, managing, developing, and manufacturing the ideas and intellectual property of Native American inventors.

Supported by its network of partners and international experts, NAIPEC delivers world-class education, advanced interdisciplinary research and modern business development support. NAIPEC serves as an Intellectual Property incubator organization providing direct assistance in the areas of:

  • Providing information and education necessary for IP development.
  • Protection of IP rights. Patent and Trademark Filings
  • Identifying and analyzing sales opportunities and business feasibility.
  • Developing business plans and assembling management teams.
  • Prototyping and advanced interdisciplinary research.

Achieving NAIPEC’s mission is a collective task. We are actively looking for support to transform Native American communities throughout the US into thriving centers for critically needed innovation. Membership is available to all the critical sectors needed to achieve our goals.

Membership is structured on several levels to ensure that members can contribute in the most appropriate and advantageous way, and so that NAIPEC continues to further the interests of Indian Country as its primary focus.

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NAIPEC Success Stories

bradBrad Rousseau (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) is a small businessman and inventor.

NAIPEC helped Brad protect his invention for a portable safety device, The Easy Lifter.

Brad was recently featured in the USPTO’s newsletter, Inventors Eye (read more >>)



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