Native Innovation

Native Innovation

Long before the first European’s discovery expedition washed ashore, some of the greatest civilizations in the world thrived in the Americas. Complete with major population centers; technologically advanced cultures that often radically engineered the landscape across the continent, to the point that even “timeless” natural features like the Amazon rainforest can be seen as products of human intervention, these civilizations ultimately fell foul of European expansion and the disease and cultures that came with it.

These first Americans lived fruitful lives with the benefits of creative and innovative discoveries ranging from arts, environmental sciences, metallurgy, medicine, astronomy, and many more areas of science and religion. Most of these discoveries were handed down from many tribal groups of formal and informal leaders. Many of these valuable discoveries have been overshadowed in the history books and lost in modern history.

Native Americans have always been resilient people, stemming from a culture where survival and adaptation, using innovation, has engendered a creative and instinctive understanding of how to adapt and prosper. Native Americans are known to be spiritual, creative people with a keen understanding on how to adapt to our surroundings. They have a rich legacy of finding new ways to improve their environment and efficiently maximizing the ways of making simple things better.

As Plato described, necessity is the mother of all invention, and this adage applies, not only through history, but also in our present, and future need, to survive as a people and a culture. Native American’s proud history has always had a connection to art, sciences, and the ecology both as a way of life and as a method of striving to live and thrive.

Today more than any time in history, our modern world is in critical need for true innovation; Innovation that acts as a beacon for economic and global salvation. The contribution of Native Americans is more valuable now than ever before.

NAIPEC is a non-profit dedicated to growing and cultivating invention, innovation and creativity to help support and sustain a new economic infrastructure for Tribal Communities. We use our skills resources and expertise to improve the lives of Native Americans through the development of intellectual property assets as economic engines. We believe that fostering the creation of intellectual property in the Native American community, as well as to developing and manufacturing existing intellectual property assets, provides immeasurable benefits to Native American individuals and tribes, and the world at large.

We are looking to leading companies, banks and individuals to help finance our work. There are several options for sponsoring these important developments. Please contact us for more information

You can also support us with your funding, time and talent, or join us as members and help us reach out to the vast pool of Native Intelligence and the people who can help us support them.